Mainstream media: let’s legalize sex work

Edit: mooooooore.

Forbes: Another Bad Argument For The Swedish Model For Prostitution
8 August

“They’re not actually counting either the amount nor the change in human trafficking into the sex trade.”  More. (Via @MistressMatisse)

The Economist: A Personal Choice
9 August

“The internet is making the buying and selling of sex easier and safer. Governments should stop trying to ban it.” More.

Slate: It’s Time for Legalized Prostitution
31 July

“The stigma associated with selling sex remains strong, as is the stigma against buying it. This is despite the growing evidence that decriminalizing the buying and selling of sex has significant public health benefits. ”More.

Time: What the Swedish Model Gets Wrong
19 July

“Making the purchase of sex a crime strips women of agency and autonomy. It should be decriminalized altogether.” More.

Huffington Post College: I Don’t Want Your Pity; Sex Work and Labor Politics
14 April

“Sex work is work: It’s a job. I’m lucky in that the job I chose to pay my bills just so happens to empower me and reward me in ways I didn’t imagine it could. I love my job. I don’t deny for a second that this isn’t the reality for everyone, and we need their stories too, but not to be stolen, reworked and retold by banner-waving academics or politicians, or minced up and stamped into cookie-cutter whores for television dramas.” More.

Salon: The problem with banning prostitution
25 February

“So what I raised in the book is that criminalization is a form of regulation. And it’s a form of workplace regulation in terms of control and power in the workplace, and the workers’ circumstances [are] in the hands of the police. And there isn’t any opportunity for security and oversight in that situation. ” More.

But wait, there’s more!

HuffPost Women: Sex Workers Have Labor Rights Just Like Any Other Employee in NZ

The Independent: decriminalize sex work to stop HIV, says former Health Secretary Lord Fowler.

Dazed: Porn performer or prima ballerina? They aren’t so different. Written by Stoya.

Infographic on myths & facts at Upworthy.


Have you read more articles by mainstream media outlets on legalizing sex work and fighting stigma? Please contribute to this overview in the comments!


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