Sex worker rights

“Sex workers all over the world face widespread violations of their human rights. Criminalisation and the severe stigma attached to sex work gives license to those who commit crimes of violence against sex workers and deny their humanity. It also makes it almost impossible for sex workers to access justice, healthcare, and social security systems. Sex workers would not be at such high risk of violence if they were respected as people and as workers, and if they felt free to seek help and protection without fear of being stigmatised, jailed, abused, and disregarded – in other words, if their human rights were respected.”

“The global sex workers’ rights movement is a collective term reflecting a diversity of movements, networks, groups and individual sex workers around the world. What they all have is common is a focus on collaborative action to challenge the criminalisation, marginalisation and stigmatisation of female, male and transgender sex workers and respect, protect and fulfil sex workers’ rights.”

Red Umbrella Fund


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