The debate on sex work policy: a quick 101

Hi! Do you know nothing about the international debate on sex work policy? Or do you, but are you still unsure why sex workers ask for decriminalisation? Or what that even means? Or do you have ‘lots and lots’ of sources on prostitution already but you’ve just never heard of the term sex worker rights (I see you, ms journalist)?

I’d recommend the following sources to get up to date asap.

TEDx ‘What do sex workers want’
An overview of popular arguments in the debate and the different types of policy, by a wonderful sex worker.

Amnesty International Q&A: policy to protect the human rights of sex workers
This introduction tackles common questions and misconceptions about decriminalisation and the human rights of sex workers.

New Statesman: The difference between decriminalisation and legalisation of sex work
Must read, especially if you are Dutch! Sex work isn’t ‘gewoon legaal’ in the Netherlands.

TAMPEP on the situation of national and migrant sex workers in Europe
Researchers analyse trends in European sex work policy, where they come from and how they impact the lives of sex workers.

Inspired by the awesome @girlonthenet.


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