Amnesty International Publications

These are all Amnesty International publications on sex workers I could find from 2012-2017.AI’s policy on human rights of sex workers and related introductory resources

  1. Policy (2016). State obligations to respect, protect and fulfil the human rights of sex workers
  2. Research (2016). Explanatory note on Amnesty International’s policy on state obligations to respect, protect abd fulfil the human rights of sex workers
  3. News item (2016). Amnesty International publishes policy and research on protection of sex workers’ rights
  4. Frequently asked questions (2016). Q&A: Policy to protect the human rights of sex workers
  5. News item (2015). Sex workers’ rights are human rights
  6. News item (2015). Global movement votes to adopt policy to protect human rights of sex workers
  7. Resolution (2015) to adopt and publish the policy.

2. Research

  1. (2016). Sex workers at risk: A research summary on human rights abuses against sex workers.
    “overview of the key research findings, highlighting the range and extent of human rights abuses and violations suffered by sex workers. (…) The summary report also provides a brief outline of Amnesty International’s policy and identifies a range of government actions it believes are necessary to best address the barriers that sex workers routinely face in realizing their rights.”
  2. Research (2016). Outlawed and abused – criminalizing sex work in Papua New Guinea
  3. Research (2016). Harmfully isolated – criminalizing sex work in Hong Kong
  4. Research (2016). The human cost of ‘crushing’ the market – criminalization of sex work in Norway
  5. Research (2016). Argentina – “What I’m doing is not a crime.”
  6. Research (2015). Assaulted and accused – Sexual and gender-based violence in Tunisia
  7. Research (2014). ‘Welcome to hell fire’ – torture and other ill-treatment in Nigeria

3. Additional News items, Urgent Action Campaigns & Public Statements

    1. By Bharati Dey and Rita Roy, 2016. Strengt in numbers: Sex worker collectives in India.
      “This collective of 75,000 sex workers from across the West Bengal region was founded in 1995 and is managed by sex workers and their children. (…) Rita Roy, 38 years old, is a sex worker in the Kolkata’s Sonagachi red light district. She is a member of Durbar and also the assistant secretary of USHA [which means ‘sword’ in Bengali], a co-operative providing micro-finance and savings schemes to sex workers. It started in 1995 with just 13 members, and now has more than 23,000.”
    2. By Apple, 2016. “I feel scared all the time.” A Jamaican sex worker tells her story
      “I’ve worked in many different categories of sex work. I started out in a massage parlour and then worked as an exotic dancer. Most recently I have been involved in street sex work. The majority of our sex workers here in Jamaica work on the streets and they are the ones that are most prone to being arrested by the police and locked up. And also of being robbed, beaten and killed.”
    3. By Bad Black, 2016. “We are not criminals; We are people” A Ugandan sex worker tells her story
      “Most trans women in Uganda are sex workers because they cannot be employed anywhere. Most trans women dropped out of school, they don’t have qualifications, that’s why they’re sex workers. They chose to do sex work for survival. (…) Us sex workers who work in slum areas suffer a lot. The police arrest sex workers, they rape sex workers, they have sex with sex workers forcefully and then later, if we want to get out of prison when we are arrested, we have to pay a bribe.”
    4. 2016. Time for Papua New Guinea to end abuses against sex workers“In 2012, in a public park in Papua New Guinea’s capital city Port Moresby, a mother in her late 30s was gang raped by six assailants, armed with guns. The woman – Mona – has never reported the alleged crime, and her attackers may never face justice. (…) Mona’s lack of faith in the Papua New Guinea legal system is due to the fact that she is a sex worker – and because those alleged to have carried out the brutal attack were police officers”
    5. 2016. Out of the shadows: Fighting for sex worker rights“We need an open, honest and respectful discussion about how to best protect the human rights of sex workers. Fundamental to this is listening to the hundreds of sex workers from all over the world who have offered us their insight, opinion and first-hand experience; sometimes at great personal risk. They have told us unequivocally that laws that criminalize sex work force sex workers further into the margins of society where they are confronted by walls of discrimination and abuse.”
    6. Urgent Action, 2014. Brazil: sex workers evicted and abused by police
      “Isabel (anonymized name), a sex worker in the city of Niterói, was assaulted and threatened after she publicly denounced the rape and extortion of sex workers by police during illegal raids and evictions on 23 May. Around 300 sex workers are now without a home and the safety of Isabel and her family remains at risk.”
    7. Urgent Action, 2014. Honduras: sex workers targeted and killed
      “A transgender sex worker was found dead in San Pedro Sula, northern Honduras on 7 January. Nine killings of sex workers have occurred in the city since early December. Exhaustive investigations into these attacks are urgently needed.”
    8. Public Statement, 2012. Greece must stop the criminalization and stigmatization of alleged sex workers found to be HIV positive
      “These women have been charged by the Greek authorities with intentionally causing serious bodily harm under the Greek Criminal Code and also for breaches of the national legislation on sex workers (Law 2734/1999). Amnesty International is also concerned by the prosecutor’s order to publish the personal details and photographs of 29 of these alleged sex workers in the website of the Greek police.”

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